Image Processing Researcher

  • 猎头倪珍安
  • ID:H00210698
  • 从业年限:5年
  • 信   用:
  • 专业度:
  • 态   度:
  • 已于2014.11.05通过审核
  • 公司名称:知名外资医疗企业
  • 所属行业:医疗设备/器械
  • 公司性质:外商独资
  • 公司规模:1000-9999人
  • 职位类别:计算机/网络技术-研发...
  • 所属部门:研发部
  • 工作地点:上海
  • 发布时间: 2018-06-13
  • 汇报对象:Manager
  • 招聘人数:1人


• Understand the current market needs, state-of-art technology in X-ray imaging and clinical applications.

• Lead or support the collection of customer voice, and translate market-driven requirements into technical concept and ultimately develop prototype or detailed technical design solutions.

• Develop novel X-ray system concepts. Work with Carestream global R&I and biz teams to enhance the current X-ray product capabilities.

• Develop system model and identify and implement image quality improvement and new product modeling/design/evaluation.

• Initiate new concepts to reduce product cost by innovative system designs.

• Lead or collaborate with clinical partners to evaluate new features and technologies.


Essential Qualifications:

• Experience in Image Processing, such as Enhancement, 3D reconstruction, 2D/3D Segmentation, Registration, Pattern Recognition, Color management, etc.

• Strong interpersonal skills. Self-starter & self-motivator, energizing, independent thinker, proactive problem solver, Strong analytical, problem solving and negotiation skills.

• Ability to multi-task and provide expertise across multiple projects.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in Chinese and English.

• The candidate must have passion for performing research in X-ray imaging, and have strong desire to seek a R& D career in medical imaging area.

Preferred Qualifications:

• M.S. or Ph.D. in Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineer, Compute Science, System or other related fields. Strong technical foundation in engineering design principles.

• 5+ years related working experience.

• related experience in Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, imaging processing/computer vision software and algorithm development

• Systematic approach to problem solving and issue resolution combined with good understanding of the relevant technologies and their practical applications

• Successful product lifecycle experience, from the conceptual stage through product launch and into post-launch support. Working knowledge of stage/phase-gate product development process.

• Experience in physics and/or algorithm research of image reconstruction, calibration and correction etc. for X-ray imaging or related systems

• In-depth clinical knowledge of X-ray medical imaging related products.

• Passionate team player

  • 工作经验:

    2 年以上
  • 学历要求:

  • 年龄:不限
  • 是否统招全日制:不限







为全球提供医疗和牙科成像系统以及 IT 解决方案;无损检测的 X 光成像系统及针对精密胶片和电子市场的高级材料。

提供的创新解决方案使客户获得成功,并为世界各地的人们创造更美好的生活。在全球 170 多个国家有分支机构,并且拥有 800 多项获得专利的医疗和牙科成像与信息技术,在成像和医疗 IT 方面始终处于多种技术进步的领先地位。